Why Choose Us


We have over 30+ years of combined experience in property management, we own as well properties and manage them, therefore know what it’s like to be a homeowner.

We Attract A Higher Quality of Tenants

Our in-depth background screening makes it very difficult for “bad” tenants to pass our process, because we treat extremely well our tenants, generally resulting in longer stay/leases with us under our management.

State of the Art Technologies

We invest a lot in advanced technology systems so we can provide you and our tenants with the best service and manage your properties much more efficiently and effectively. In addition to using tools such as laptop computers with LTE plans, cloud technology, and smartphone devices to keep us connected at all times to our business to you and our tenants via our advanced web portal. For our tenant’s facilitation, we offer them to pay rent via our online portal.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
We stand by our services. We guarantee that you will not regret OVIPPM as your property management company.
Property Inspections
We offer two or more highly detailed and documented electronic visual inspections per year of your property inside and outside when you are on board with us.
At OVIPPM, We Own Properties

We know what it means to be a homeowner and understand your needs and concerns 100% as we are homeowners as well.

You Are Not Happy With Your Current Management Company

We understand that sometimes, things can happen and you may not be happy with your current Property Management Company, you already have tenants in your property and would like to change Property Management Company, we will gladly take you on board work with the other Property Management Company to make the process seamless to you and your tenants plus, we will offer you an incentive to switch over to us.


A "La Carte" Service Plans

We are the only one in the industry to be able to offer you different packages of service level, you get to choose your plan accordingly to your budget and needs.

Smaller Company

Does size really matter when we are good at what we do? This means more time spent one-on-one with homeowners, tenants, tradespeople and more in the field caring for your property.

Very Low Overhead Costs
We pass the savings down to you. Our choice is to create the conditions that will allow us to focus on providing the highest degree of personal attention to you and your properties.  We want to meet you on your turf.
We Take Away Your Worries
Note that we only employ bonded, insured, fully licensed trades people, and some of them who are available in cases of emergencies. While you sleep well at night, we take on the worries for you.
No Termination Fees
In the event that your property was on the market with us for at minimum of 60 days and that you decide not to use our services anymore for whatever reason, we will not charge you any termination fee.
Available 24/7
We are always available 24/7 for our tenants and in the case of an emergency. This gives a great piece of mind to the tenants and owners.
Fully Bilingual Associates

It is our pleasure to serve you in Canada’s both official languages.

Go Green Initiative

We make every effort to conduct most of our business via emails, telephone, and fax. We even use email transfers and direct deposit to send your rent money, thus eliminating the need for printing, paper, and driving.